The Solutions Journal Launches!

Solutions launched around summer 2009. We've worked closely with Solutions staff as they've been developed their vision. The Solutions Journal provides a great place for people to come together online and learn more about new ways of looking at problems that affect us all. Solutions has a unique approach and welcomes input from the community. It strives to be academically robust and welcoming to the lay person.

This inaugural issue of Solutions marks the beginning of what we hope will be a long and fruitful dialog among our entire, interconnected global society. We intend to help build a shared vision of where we want to go as a society and broad agreement about how we might best get there.
We want Solutions to help us move beyond the debate that dominates public discussion to substantive and constructive dialog between all stakeholders in society. Dialog means literally “through speech”. Webster defines its purpose as “seeking mutual understanding and harmony.” Yankelovich views dialog as a very a special form of discussion with almost magical abilities to build cooperation, if done properly. With Solutions, we hope to do dialog properly and extend this special form of constructive discussion to include not only speech, but also all the visual forms of communication.

Drupal is a great system to establish a space for constructive dialog for an interconnected global network. connects more than 70,000 users and 500,000 pieces of content and keeps them connected and informed. Drupal is also a great tool for changing the style of discourse. The Solutions Journal can modify numerous details to change the flow of information on their site and create new communications channels and approaches.

We met with Solutions staff regularly as their vision for the site developed and changed. We trained content editors and worked with their suggestions and requests as the site developed to accomodate their specific needs.

This site relies heavily on CCK and Views. Each content type has specific details it needs to display and present to the user. Each view pulls in only the needed pieces of content. All of this is dynamic: as Solutions staff update the content, the views will pull in the new material and the look and feel of the site will remain clean and harmonious.

We wish Solutions well as their site launches. See them online at

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