Ektron to Drupal Migration: City of Burlington Relaunches

Last year, the City of Burlington was having issues with their website and Ektron, their proprietary content management system. Upgrades weren't going smoothly, navigation was cluttered, color choices didn't mesh with the information architecture, things were breaking. They came to Triangulus, their local Drupal experts for a solution. It just so happens, we're experts at Ektron to Drupal migration!

The Nomadic Oven

Check out one of our latest sites:

We worked with Jen's design elements and vision to set up this slick Drupal 6 website. Jen is pleased with the site and it helps her market her business and her writing. She's getting good traffic to the site and was Google six packed pretty quickly because she's so popular (and she's running Drupal).

If you want the delectablest baked goods in Burlington, check out Jen and The Nomadic Oven.

The Frog Hollow Project

Frog Hollow recently relaunched their website with a solid new Drupal base and a clean crisp design. Their old site host was charging too much for regular site updates and maintenance. The new site is more dynamic, cleaner, navigates more smoothly and offers Frog Hollow lots of options for future directions, all at a lower cost with a more robust infrastructure.

The Burlington College Project is a great example of a successful collaboration between Burlington College, Triangulus and We provided the Drupal base system, integrated the great design work of RC Kirk at Design Push and trained BC staff in the maintenance and upkeep procedures of the website. We also helped with information architecture and creating a navigational structure that flows smoothly and integrates with the design. The new site is cleaner and better organized and much more flexible than the old site.

The old BC site was a custom built CMS that was having issues and it's creator/maintainer was departing. With the new site built on Drupal, BC is assured of years of smooth operation with a cutting edge CMS that should acommodate all their needs for the future.

Spider Spider in the Web

We've recently written a spider for a client that walks their whole site and lists all connections between pages. This produces a brute listing of 29,000+ connections. We're doing this in preparation for a Drupal 7 (that's right d7!) transition. All links in the site content need to go to the correct new locations in the new site. For this to happen we need to correlate the new locations with the old locations so we can correctly rewire the new links.

Old Spokes Home Launches

The Old Spokes Home is a great old bike shop in Burlington's Old North End. We are proud to announce that we just went live with their new web site! Check out for the new Old Spokes Home online.

The OSH has lots of great new and old bikes on display in the shop. They do great custom work on new and old bikes. The new website highlights some of the incredible museum pieces that the OSH has. I think they're the most extensive bike museum in the Northeast.

The OSH had a nice website before we did the overhaul. The new site has more graphic flair than the old site, maintains the unique antique look and feel, but also has space for the new and updated material. The new site is also simpler than the old and should navigate more smoothly for site visitors.

It's been a pleasure working with Glenn and Chris on the website and we'll make sure it serves them well into the future. Swing by and check out the bikes and the shop!

CiviCRM Custom Reports for the UP

We're just completing a great project for the United Professionals here in Burlington. They're ramping up for a new campaign to get a group of hard working Vermonters to organize for better representation and bargaining power. We helped them set up a CiviCRM system that integrates their internal data with multiple database exports from the State of Vermont. This allows them to focus and organize their lists so they know who they need to talk to, who supports them and where their strongest support is concentrated.

Emma for City Council

Progressive Party candidate Emma Mulvaney-Stanak won the Ward 2 election in Burlington last year!

We helped Emma get a site up quickly that communicates her message well, lays out her platform and allows others to get involved and contribute. Working with Emma's campaign team in a fast and efficient manner, we sketched out a Drupal site for Emma and trained her team on how to update the site and add new information easily. The site helps Emma communicate clearly and readily and get her message out to voters and supporters.

Vermont Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project

Check out our latest launch and foray into multilingual sitebuilding at This site developed on a very fast timeline and slim budget. The base site went up in ten hours or so after a few initial discussions. Brendan O'Neill, the project coordinator, was well prepared with press releases, video and content to bring the site up quickly to get his message out clearly and directly.

The Urban Pork Adventure

See work under development on Mike Betit's new site for Tamarack Hollow Farm at

Mike's hugely popular in NYC and sells out regularly: he can hardly keep up with demand. A new website with ordering information and ecommerce capabilities will help him serve his customers and stay organized.

Keep your eyes on development. Note: this site is in progress. We're working with Mike to tell his story clearly and in an organized way that's fun and easy to navigate for folks who love Mike and his great products.

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