Ektron to Drupal Migration: City of Burlington Relaunches

Last year, the City of Burlington was having issues with their website and Ektron, their proprietary content management system. Upgrades weren't going smoothly, navigation was cluttered, color choices didn't mesh with the information architecture, things were breaking. They came to Triangulus, their local Drupal experts for a solution. It just so happens, we're experts at Ektron to Drupal migration!


  • migrated their content and taxonomy into Drupal
  • trained city staff on the day to day working of a Drupal site
  • guided the city in their theme selection for the look and feel of the site
  • trained city staff on the Drupal menu and taxonomy systems to help get the site information architecture on a solid footing
  • helped the city achieve its goal of a clean, well organized site that navigates intuitively

We migrated all city content from Ektron using Perl to pick content details out of the SQL dump of the old database. This included some removal of cruft and some programatic content cleanup. We used some custom coding for the import into Drupal that allowed us some flexibility to deal with oddities of content storage in Ektron.

Triangulus worked closely with Scott Duckworth and Jay Appleton of the City's IT department during the migration. Triangulus trained Scott and Jay in all they needed to know about Drupal so that they can now run the site themselves. We had numerous meetings to cover different aspects of the migration and site build as things progressed. Triangulus trained Scott and Jay at their pace, and handed over more control as the project progressed.

A migration like this is a great time to clean house and get things in order. Initially Scott and Jay went through all the migrated content and recategorized, edited and deleted where necessary. We then rebuilt the menu system with an eye on clarity and ease of navigation.

We strongly encouraged the city to go with the Zen theme for the look and feel of the site. The city was explicitly looking for clean and simple and minimal design treatment. After looking at a few different themes, the city followed our recommendation. The Drupal Zen theme is a good choice for the city. The Zen theme:

  • is SEO optimized
  • has great cross browser compatability
  • is solid on mobile devices and tablets
  • offers robust and regularly upgrades

The site's theme at present is solid and clean and doesn't get in your way as you try to navigate to important info in the city departments, search the A to Z listing or just cruise around the site. In the future, if more design treatment is needed, Zen offers lots of options!

We're very pleased that the city chose Drupal. It will serve them well now and into the future. The city is

  • saving money with a smoother running system
  • has no licensing fees for a proprietary system
  • has a free support community of thousands of geeks around the globe
  • gets regular and robust upgrades for free!

Go Burlington, Go Drupal!

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