DrupalCon Chicago

I'm at DrupalCon Chicago with about 3000 other Drupaleros. Had to drive through the big storm on Monday to get to Albany first! It was quite an adventure. The Chicago architecture is awesome: cutting edge design from the 1920s that still is stunning.

Great party last night at the Field Museum. Check out the Drupal crowd hanging out with Sue the Trex.

Drupal is alive and well. More DrupalCon attendees, more sponsors, more exhibitors, more growth. There's lots of excitement about Drupal in mobile devices, HTML 5, Drupal 7 and much more.

I saw my old friend Ryan, who is now helping run Commerce Guys: http://www.commerceguys.com/. I remeber meeting Ryan some years ago when he was building an ecommerce system part time for his boss, a refridgerator salesman. This system went on to become http://ubercart.org. He's come a long way since then. He now jets back and forth to Paris to meet with investors! You gotta love the power of Drupal and Ryan's hard work and big smile.

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