Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals

Congratulations to the VFNHP for the recent relaunch of! We've enjoyed switching them over to Drupal and guiding them through the website building process.

A union's website should be built on a solid platform (Drupal!) and present crucial information, such as contracts, cleanly and clearly. To make this site a success VFNHP staff worked hard and

  • Did some great writing and editing
  • Came up with compelling images
  • Updated all their documents and details
  • Organized their information and navigation structures

Emma for City Council

Progressive Party candidate Emma Mulvaney-Stanak won the Ward 2 election in Burlington last year!

We helped Emma get a site up quickly that communicates her message well, lays out her platform and allows others to get involved and contribute. Working with Emma's campaign team in a fast and efficient manner, we sketched out a Drupal site for Emma and trained her team on how to update the site and add new information easily. The site helps Emma communicate clearly and readily and get her message out to voters and supporters.

Seven Days Intranet

We advised and trained Seven Days (the largest alternative weekly newspaper in Burlington) on how to implement a Drupal intranet for smooth communications within and between different departments in their dynamic organization. In times of tight budgets, efficient communication systems are a must. Seven Days is a dynamic organization with regular deadlines and quality content that is a model of success in the newspaper world in both their print and online versions.

Center for Media and Democracy goes Drupal

We are happy to be working with the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) in Burlington as they move their web presence to a Drupal based system. The Center for Media and Democracy runs Chittenden Community TV, the Channel 17 public access television station, CyberSkills Vermont, and CCTV Productions. We built Pegevent for CCTV to handle their day to day scheduling and playback integration.

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