Who We Are

Joe Golden created the Drupal Pegevent module in 2007 for local public TV stations to use in their day to day program production scheduling, archiving and playback system integration. This module has been in day to day regular and reliable use at CCTV here in Burlington for years.

Joe created Green Mountain Linux, the precursor to Triangulus, in the fall of 2004 after leaving a Math Teaching position at The Stevens School of Peacham, a small middle school. Mr. G., as he was known to the students, greatly enjoyed teaching and exposed his students to lots of fun ideas in the world of math and computers.

How We Work

Triangulus brings the power of Linux and Open Source to Vermont. We enjoy building on the work of thousands of others around the globe to create solutions for our clients. We enjoy collaboration and teamwork in the Open Source spirit.


Annie Dunn Watson's Endorsement

Annie Dunn Watson's endorsement of Triangulus (formerly Green Mountain Linux) taken verbatim from her letter to us on August 14th, 2006:

When we approached Joe Golden at Green Mountain Linux and told him what we wanted to do with our website, he said, “If I can help you guys, I can help anybody!” Far from being insulted, we were, in fact, relieved. I had only been working on websites for about 7 months, and as would-be editor of the revised and updated Vermont Peak Oil Network site, I had to be brought up to speed fairly quickly. The software I had been using to design the original site was more like word processing; drupal technology was a whole new ball of wax (and a lot of other stuff I don’t usually keep in the kitchen).

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