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Welcome to Triangulus

We build websites in Vermont for small companies, non profits, colleges, farmers, healers, local TV stations and more. We work collaboratively with our clients to explore and develop their websites' content, functionality and design. We build websites and train our clients to update them. This keeps ongoing costs for clients low and makes it easy for them to keep their sites up to date and fresh: if your company is dynamic, your website should be too. We incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) into all our sites from the start and follow up with Google Analytics analysis with clients after their sites have launched. All our sites are tested for cross browser compatability.

Triangulus provides Open Source solutions for managing content intelligently and communicating effectively online. We provide training, consulting and development services for people and companies who are interested in making the most of the power of interactive communication as they build, modify or plan their websites. We specialize in Drupal, which allows you to update your own website easily, keep things organized and find your way to the top of Google searches.

We have given guidance to local large design firms and website developers about how to work with and make the most of Drupal. We have worked with and provided training to one of the biggest advertising firms in the state of VT and some of the smallest businesses in Vermont. Drop a line so we can talk with you about your next project.

Ektron to Drupal Migration: City of Burlington Relaunches

Last year, the City of Burlington was having issues with their website and Ektron, their proprietary content magagemant system. Upgrades weren't going smoothly, navigation was cluttered, color choices didn't mesh with the information architecture, things were breaking. They came to Triangulus, their local Drupal experts for a solution. It just so happens, we're experts at Ektron to Drupal migration!


  • migrated their content and taxonomy into Drupal
  • trained city staff on the day to day working of a Drupal site
  • guided the city in their theme selection for the look and feel of the site
  • trained city staff on the Drupal menu and taxonomy systems to help get the site information architecture on a solid footing
  • helped the city achieve its goal of a clean, well organized site that navigates intuitively

Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals

Congratulations to the VFNHP for the recent relaunch of http://unitednurses.info! We've enjoyed switching them over to Drupal and guiding them through the website building process.

A union's website should be built on a solid platform (Drupal!) and present crucial information, such as contracts, cleanly and clearly. To make this site a success VFNHP staff worked hard and

  • Did some great writing and editing
  • Came up with compelling images
  • Updated all their documents and details
  • Organized their information and navigation structures

We enjoyed working with VFNHP and think their site represents them well. The nav structure is clean and solid. The graphic design works well with the information presentation and the site navigates well on mobile devices.

The site reflects the professionalism of the VFNHP. They now manage the site on their own after receiving training from Triangulus as the site developed. This helps keep their ongoing costs low and keeps them in control of their site.

We will be following up shortly to see

  • where the traffic is flowing
  • if the nav structure is working effectively
  • what the mobile traffic looks like
  • other juicy details that Google Analytics might tell us

It's really important post launch to look at what's working and what's not. You're not getting the message if you're not listening. We will help VFNHP evaluate their site and guide them in making changes so their site can be even better.

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